Mural at Peace Arch Elementary School

The completed mural

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Peace Arch Elementary School Mural

Excerpt from Peace Arch News
Article by Tia Abell
Saturday, June 26, 1999

Painter Rob Hooper also just finished donating his time and talents to Peace Arch Elementary, a school that may begin to steal some artistic thunder from the famed island mural town, Chemainus.

His "Peace Arch Sunset" - featuring vivid artist-quality pigments spiked by glow-in-the-dark paint-was finished this week, after the school's 300 students autographed it in luminescent yellow.

Yet the paint is barely dry and the school's principal, Bernadette Casavant, is already thinking of the next mural.

The sunset addition brings the school's mural total to four.

The students made their mark on each work - they've sponged on fish and insects, they've dabbed on a book and painted their names.

Most of all, they've had the chance to learn from gifted artists in the community, says Bernadette Casavant, school principal. Each painter taught at least one art class to budding young creatives and some return yearly.

"How often do they get to learn from an artist?" Casavant asks.

"Each artist has his own style - we learn all kinds of things when we work with them."